Makino A55e


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Makono A55e

Reference: K 27 341

1 second-hand horizontal machining center

Model:A 55e
New in:2000/2016

Spindle and all axes (X/Y/Z) generally overhauled in 2016.


-  Digital AC servo drives for X/Y/Z axis
-  ATC Automated tool changing system with 60 adapters
-  X/Y/Z560/560/560 mm
-  NC turning table 0,001°
-  2 each spiral chip conveyor without paper filtering
-  Integrated pallet change system outside the working area
-  8 each nozzles for spindle and working area (high pressure)
-  Central emulsion and filtering station only

Spindle Speed                                        14000 rpm
TaperISO 40 / HSK – A 63
X-axle560 mm
Distance table to spindle noseħ 280 mm
Y-axle560 mm
Distance table to spindle nose80 – 640 mm
Z-axle560 mm
Distance table to spindle nose150 – 710 mm
Table in pallet construction400 x 400 mm
Maximum pallet load400 kg
NC-Index turning table1 degree
Main drive22 kW
Space required approx.      15 m²
Machine height approx. 2,82 m
Weight approx.9 t
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